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Expectations for the Pediatric Residency Program

When any medical graduate decided to choose paediatrics as a career goal and apply for a pediatric residency program of any top-ranking institute, he must be very clear that he is not applying in a medical school for pediatric fellowship, he is trying to win the admission in pediatric residency for becoming a professional and certified pediatric. The expectations of any medical graduate who chooses the pediatric residency as the career goal are definitely entering into one of the most challenging fields of medical science and as a good pediatric physician, he has to remember the residency time as a resident, revealing the excitement, tiredness, risks and rewards of training.

Getting admission in any one of the famous medicine institutes that is offering pediatric residency is definitely a tough task. There are two major expectations of program directors and selection committee from the winners of pediatric residency; one is ready to become a professional pediatric with accepting all future challenging and other is ready to supervise the children need emergency treatment.

Now the only way to convince the program directors and selection committee is writing an excellent pediatric residency personal statement. It doesn’t matter that you are writing the personal statement pediatric residency Cornell or Boston, the only important thing is that you have succeeded in convincing the selection committee or not. If yes, then a bright future is waiting for you.

List of Top 7 Pediatric Programs – Specialties

Following is the list of top 7 pediatric programs. To get admission in any one of the following mentioned ACGME-accredited program, the first requirement is processing the application through ERAS system which is the standard criteria that are set by US Medical Licensing Examinations.

  • Pediatric surgery residency
  • Pediatric dentistry residency
  • Pediatric neurology residency
  • Pediatric orthopaedics residency
  • Pediatric cardiology residency
  • Pediatric emergency medicine residency
  • Pediatric allergy immunology and rheumatology residency

5 Tips for a Dynamic Pediatric Personal Statement for Residency

Writing a dynamic pediatrics personal statement means you have to prepare your statement exactly according to the expectations of directors and selection committee that will review your pediatric residency application personal statement. To meet the expectations of reviewers, you can follow the 5 tips that are mentioned below for writing a dynamic pediatric personal statement for residency:

  • Before writing a pediatric residency personal statement, believe the fact that no one knows you up to that extent, you know yourself. So, analyze yourself, your qualities and specialities yourself on the basis of which you are going to satisfy the selection committee that you are the right candidate for the pediatric residency program.
  • Share some interesting event in the personal statement that could reveal the reason for your interest in the pediatric residency. You can share your experience with a patient or conversation with your mentors.
  • Remember! Don’t try to lie or exaggerate about anything either about your academic career or practical experience. It will be a source of embarrassment for you at any stage of the residency program.
  • Focus on your specialities and try to give emphasis on those characteristics that will show your deep interest towards pediatric residency program.
  • Always double check spelling and grammatical mistakes before finalizing the personal statement. Font size and style according to standard formatting rules should also be finalized.

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Three Main Topic Areas Generally Addressed in a Personal Statement

When you will read any good sample pediatric residency personal statement, you will realize that the following are three main topic areas that are generally addressed in every pediatric personal statement sample:

  • Why Did You Choose Pediatric Specialty?

This is the most important question about which every member of the selection committee wants to see the answer. So, keep the answer to this question in the beginning paragraph or introduction of a personal statement. The most influencing way to demonstrate the reason for choosing the pediatric is sharing the experience with a child patient that has finally convinced you to choose this speciality. Similarly, you can share the discussion with a mentor who revealed you the importance of the need for pediatric and due to this inspiration; you have chosen the pediatric speciality.

  • What Are You Looking for in a Residency Program?

Despite mentioning the reason for choosing the speciality, you shouldn’t hide your expectations in the residency personal statement that you are looking for in a pediatric residency program. In this paragraph, you should express your outlooks and hopes in a broader manner that after becoming a professional pediatric, what you will do exclusively for those children who are suffering from that disease in which you have completed specialization.

  • What Are Your Future Goals in the Specialty And/Or in Medicine?

Every person has some aim in life and obviously, you have also some aims and ambitions in your life after becoming a pediatric specialist. A personal statement pediatric residency is the right place where you can express your goals of life after becoming a professional pediatric.

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Personal Statement Do’s and Don’ts

When you write a pediatric personal statement for residency, there are some points which you should include. Similarly, a few things must be avoided. Here is our little list of do’s and don’ts, which you will find helpful:


  • It’s a good idea to mention your future plans. The directors will be interested to know how this fellowship can help you to build your future and what you can do for the betterment of their institution.
  • Show excitement and enthusiasm about this fellowship. Put all the positive energy in your personal statement. Everyone wants ambitious people around.
  • Use a positive tone throughout the personal statement. If you see the example personal statement pediatric residency, you can also see the same.
  • It’s just to get a second opinion about your personal statement. Show it to your friend or family member and let him point out the mistakes. It will be a great favour.


  • You have to discuss your interest in paediatrics, but don’t drag it long. It will be boring for the readers. Write comprehensive sentences, which express your enthusiasm about this filed, but don’t over emphasis it.
  • Don’t disregard other specialities; it will not leave a good impression. There is no need to discuss others, just focus on your speciality.
  • Don’t write a long statement. When you start writing a pediatric residency personal statement, write a draft first, which should not exceed one page.
  • Don’t tell a lie or exaggerate things. Be realistic and choose good words to describe your talent, instead of overstating.
  • Avoid making small mistakes like spelling and grammatical mistakes. Read your personal statement many times and remove errors.

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How to Design Your Personal Statement?

No matter you are applying for pediatric surgery residency or pediatric dentistry residency, pediatric residency application personal statement is a must. Here is a rough outline for you, that how you should design your personal statement:

  • Paragraph 1: It is the start of your personal statement. It should be 200 – 250 words long. It should be very interesting. You can start with an interesting incident or a childhood experience, which enhanced your interest in this field. Make sure you write only true incidents. Be fluent and positive in your writing.
  • Paragraph 2: The second paragraph is the body of the personal statement. You have to clearly describe your goals in life and how this fellowship can help you to achieve them. Make sure you connect your goals with the institution you are applying to. Try to grab the attention of the reader.
  • Paragraph 3: It’s the last paragraph on your personal statement. It should be very strongly written. These words will leave an impression on the minds of the reader and you will be able to make your place. So, select your words wisely and write them in a proper yet powerful way.

What Makes a Personal Statement Boring?

This is a very important question, let’s try to answer it:

  • A long personal statement seems boring. So, keep it short, but comprehensive.
  • Don’t repeat things. Write a draft first and make sure you don’t say the same thing many times.
  • Don’t drag a single point for long, no matter what you are talking about.
  • If there are mistakes in your personal statement, it will be boring for the reader.

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