Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship Personal Statement

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The human brain is by far the most interesting organ in the body. The brain, its powers and abilities have changed us from the once savage creatures we once were to the civilized and highly advanced beings we are now. It governs just about everything in our body like our hearts, lungs, liver and everything else. It continues to maintain our bodies even when we’re asleep and there are some functions that it wires to be automatic, allowing us to make automatic movements when moving about or when we encounter something we like or when we encounter something we don’t like. Anyway, here are the major parts of your brain that you should know about if you plan to make a career in neurosurgery and join a pediatric neurosurgery fellowship:

  • Cerebrum: This is where your perception and where you think of said perceptions go into. It is by far the largest part of your brain and is there for good reason. It is your thinking center. Everything from the things you see, hear, smell and taste and how you think of said things register in your cerebrum where they are processed and prepared for later thinking. Even reading this article requires the action of your cerebrum and remembering that you read this article goes into there as well.
  • pediatric neurosurgery fellowshipCerebellum: The cerebellum might not be as famous as the cerebrum but it is certainly every bit as important. Just think, moving your eyes to read this article doesn’t really require you to think it, does it? This is because basic movements like moving your eyes, standing up or walking doesn’t require you to think and is instead hardwired directly into how you move on a regular basis. Doing more complicated movements like riding a bike or driving may require further practice, but once learned, they can never be forgotten.
  • Brain Stem: The brain stem is by far the smallest part of the brain but is probably the most important of them all. It controls the functions of the heart and lungs and any damage to it can prove to be very disastrous to the person in question. The brain stem also connects with the spine and is instrumental in keeping other necessary functions of the body in good order. It is one of the few organs in the body that does not stop or even slow down when the body sleeps.

Pediatrics and Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery that involves children is often complicated and risky. There is so much to consider when operating on a child or when joining a pediatric neurosurgery fellowship and fellowship in pediatric cardiology. Here are just some of these risks:

  • Children are frightened easily.
  • You need to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of a child.
  • Children are more susceptible to infections and what not.

A Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship

So why not join a neurosurgery fellowship for children or pediatric anesthesiology fellowship and make the best of your career. Look for some pediatric neurosurgery fellowship programs now and see how good you can be.