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The human nervous system is probably the most interesting part of the human body, if it is not the most important part of the body as it is. Indeed, majority of our bodily functions are controlled by our nervous system and any damage sustained by it can lead to be very disastrous consequences should they not be remedied or prevented altogether. Remember always that the human nervous system isn’t exactly the most durable part of the human body and should be treated delicately during surgeries. So why not sign up for a pediatric neurology fellowship if you plan on doing some neurosurgery in the future? Anyway, here are some of the more well-known parts of the nervous system that you should know about:

  • pediatric neurology fellowshipThe Brain. Of course everybody knows how important the brain is. It’s what allows us to think, see and hear the world we do, move about and just about anything and everything else we’re capable of. It is also attached to our more important organs like our heart and lungs that function to sustain our bodies. Indeed, any damage to the brain can have disastrous results such as the reduction of one of our functions, losing control of a specific part or simply death, when not treated in time.
  • The Spine is often glossed over and overshadowed by the brain, but you have to remember that it is probably just as important as the brain. It is what attaches to our many body parts and serves as the major hub for most of our other neurons so that we can continue to feel, move and interact with our surroundings. Damaging the spine can also cause a lot of serious problems and we must often take care to protect our necks in the process.
  • The Peripheral Nervous System is what comprises all the other neurons that can be found in the body asides from the brain and spine. They are what allow us to feel objects and identify their texture, perceive damage in the form of pain and move the parts of our body accordingly. While fairly simple compared to the brain and spine, the peripheral nervous system is what allows us to perceive our world around us and interact with it.

Neurology and Children

Children aren’t exactly like adults when it comes to their anatomy. Their bodies tend to be much more delicate and vulnerable to any damage. Also, there is also the psychological aspect you need to think about that goes hand in hand when it comes to neurology. Here are some of the best things you can do when doing neurosurgery and joining a pediatric neurology fellowship:

  • Assure the child that you are trained professionals and everything will be okay.
  • Communicate with the parents and tell them to speak with their child often.

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So why not look for some pediatric neurology fellowship programs and see how they can help you. Also check out some pediatric neuroradiology or neurosurgery fellowship for good measure. Besides, you may know more about pediatric anesthesiology fellowship by visiting our site.