Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship Personal Statement

Be Part of a Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship

The human eyes are truly amazing organs. They allow us to see and interact with the objects around us and help us make our way through the different environments that we make our lives in. Take note that we use our eyes more than any of our other senses for navigating and locomotion and without them, our lives would be very different and very difficult indeed. So remember the importance of our eyes and how we can care for them. In fact, if you want to make a career of this, perhaps it’s time to join a pediatric ophthalmology fellowship. Anyway, here are just some facts that you need to know about eyes as people have studied them over the centuries:

  • During ancient times, people had a different way of seeing how our eyes actually worked. During those days, people believed that light shone out from our eyes and illuminated objects around us so that we could see them. It wasn’t until someone challenged this claim that people began to reconsider this view. After all, you have to remember that light can’t simply shine out from the eyes so that we can illuminate objects. In reality, our eyes simply reflect light unto what we see around us.
  • We have two eyes that lend us a degree of depth perception. We have one dominant eye that lets us see and then there’s our secondary eye which works just like a camera and follows your dominant eye. With both your eyes, you can discern distances and depths of your surroundings. This is a trait commonly found in other predatory animals like cats and dogs while less active animals like rabbits and cows tend to have eyes on the sides of their head in order to spot predators more easily.
  • pediatric ophthalmology fellowshipScientists are still studying why human eyes see the way they do although they have some explanation as to why people see in color. They say that before we became the civilized creatures that we are today, we needed considerable skill in surviving the harshness of the wilds during prehistoric times. One of this is of course being able to easily identify any colorful fruits that are edible and dangerous things that should not be touched like poisonous animals. All in all, our eyes have been instrumental in helping us build our civilizations to the current state.

Ophthalmology and You

Joining a pediatric ophthalmology fellowship can certainly help you make a good career for yourself as people tend to place considerable importance for their eyes. Here are just some of the tasks you’ll find yourself having to do:

  • Checking people’s eyes for any problems.
  • Assessing the capabilities and limitations of a person’s eyes.
  • Giving advice on how people can keep their eyes in good condition.

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