Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

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The human body is quite an amazing mechanism and is considered by some to be a highly complex machine. Indeed, with all its moving parts and the way one signal travels from one part of the body to another, it’s easy to see that the body is just a large machine that works efficiently until the end of our lives. However, all machines have limitations and the human body is not so different in that regard. Parts of it that fail are easily a liability to the rest of the body or worse. Remember that the human body needs most or all of its parts in order to function properly. Here are just some of the major organs of the body that should be noted:

  • The Pancreas. The pancreas is a major part of the digestive system that people all too often overlook. It is located just below the liver and produces enzymes that aid in the digestion of food. The substances it produces are very strong and can easily rival household solvents and chemicals. The idea of this organ going out of control can be very frightening indeed.
  • pediatric nephrology fellowshipThe Liver. The liver is another important part of the body but does not only in help in digestion. It plays a part in many functions in the body and helps maintain it in good working order despite the challenges involved in doing so. It is responsible for breaking down chemicals and enzymes that can be harmful to the body and somehow making use of them. It is also responsible for controlling the amount of sugar that can be found in the body and make sure that it remains on a manageable level. It also produces bile that is used by the stomach to digest stubborn materials for easier consumption.
  • The Kidneys. The kidneys are another story altogether but are every bit as important as the previously mentioned organs. The kidneys are responsible for keeping your blood clean of any waste materials or harmful substances. The kidneys and their function may not seem much, but remember that what they do is essential to the body as there are probably countless substances that the body cannot process or are simply dangerous to it. The only way that the kidney’s functions can be replicated is through dialysis and it is a tedious and expensive process.

So learn to take care of your body’s functions, especially your kidneys. Join a pediatric nephrology fellowship for a better understanding of your kidneys and their functions. Moreover, you may learn more about pediatric neurology fellowship on our site.

Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship

The kidneys are very important to the body and joining a pediatric nephrology fellowship will teach you the following:

  • The kidneys are important in keeping the blood clean.
  • The basic unit of the kidneys are nephrons.
  • Dialysis is nowhere near as efficient and practical as having two fully functional kidneys.

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