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The endocrine system is probably one of the most interesting facets of the human body. It is what allows us to mature into what we are today, enabling our bodies to grow and change as the years pass. It is important in keeping us alive by providing our many components with the right amount of nutrients in order to function in our day to day lives as well as giving us a fighting chance in protecting ourselves by providing us with a boost of adrenaline when necessary.

Indeed, there is nothing else like the human endocrine system and being part of a pediatric endocrinology fellowship can prove to be very profitable in the long run.

pediatric endocrinology fellowship personal statement

Here are just some of the more prominent aspects of the endocrine system:

  • The digestive hormones. Eating may seem simple but you have to realize that a lot of things goes into actually consuming food and digesting it. While the digestive system functions as something independent of the endocrine system, the hormones still play a major part in the digestion and absorption of food, much the same way that bones help produce blood cells for the circulatory system. Think for instance the liver that provides bile and the pancreas that produces a digestive enzyme to break down food.
  • pediatric endocrinology fellowshipThe growth hormones. This is perhaps the most important part of the endocrine system as you have to agree that, without it, the human body would simply not reach its full potential. It is by far one of the largest functions of the endocrine system with a lot of organs and glands that are tailor-made specifically to improve the growth and health of the human body. For instance, it is the thyroid and parathyroid gland that are responsible for the body’s growth and maturity. Then you also have the hypothalamus that regulates the body’s temperature.
  • The adrenal glands. Of course, there are the adrenal glands that provide you with the necessary strength, agility and awareness to protect yourself during times of trouble. Remember that the production of adrenaline in some people can provide them with the ability to perform feats that can be considered superhuman. Anything from lifting heavy objects, outrunning vehicles to being aware of how thrown objects fly about in the air are just some of the boons provided by the adrenaline. Do take note however that adrenaline has its limits and that whatever power it provides is nothing more than shutting off the body’s limiters that prevent it from destroying itself.

Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship and You

So why not join a pediatric fellowship and see what you can do. Just remember some of the things that fall under the endocrine system’s priorities:

  • Allowing growth.
  • Allowing recovery.
  • Providing a boost for survival.
  • Aiding indigestion.

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