Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Personal Statement

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There are a lot of things you need to know about children. I know that just like everybody else, you probably miss being one, but I doubt you remember all the details from that time. In fact, it’s likely that you can barely remember anything significant from your childhood days unless it’s particularly memorable or very unpleasant. The last part probably rings a bell, doesn’t it? Now, if you think you’re ready to find out just what it means to look after children in a hospital, why not try being a pediatrician and joining a pediatric anesthesia fellowship or pediatric surgery fellowships first and seeing what you can do. Anyway, here are a number of things that you first have to understand in order for you to see the risk in caring for children:

  • pediatric anesthesia fellowshipChildren have wild imaginations. This is why it’s so easy to frighten children. While some scientists say that our fear of the dark can be explained by the idea that our early ancestors were frightened by predators that could be lurking out in the night or the deep darkness of caves. However, in children, it is very easy for them to imagine that there is something out there in the darkness that’s waiting for them or watching them. That’s why you always hear children saying something about a man under their beds or inside their closets.
  • Children are easily frightened. Again, hand in hand with having large imaginations as mentioned above, children can be frightened easily. Sometimes, saying the wrong thing can frighten them such as telling them what surgeries involve and the procedures that compose them. Children always have an avid fear of being hurt, mutilated or getting stuck in a situation that they can’t get out of.
  • Children are very inquisitive. That means they’ll be constantly asking you about the details of what goes on and what may or may not go on during the procedures proper. You need to be very careful in answering their questions as the two points mentioned above tells you just how easily the situation can deteriorate if you aren’t careful in revealing your details. Indeed, sometimes, even one small detail that slips from you can lead to disastrous results as this may frighten the child and cause them to panic.

Anesthesia: A True Solution

Across the history of the medical field, nothing has been more helpful than the use of anesthesia. Indeed, being able to dull pain was a great advancement for many doctors. Now, if you join a pediatric anesthesia fellowship, here are some of the levels of anesthesia you need be familiar with:

  • Local Anesthesia: anesthesia that only numbs a small part of the body.
  • Full Body Anesthesia: anesthesia that causes you to lose sensation in large portions of your body.
  • Complete Sedation: The patient is put under complete anesthesia and falls unconscious.

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